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Safety Tips For Installing Roof Gutters

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You can easily bring down your residential water consumption by investing in high quality gutters and downpipes for your roof. This is more so true for individuals who live in high-rainfall areas.  That having been said, you may decide to install gutters and downpipes on your own so as to save on money that would have otherwise been used to pay a professional roofer.  Here are a few safety tips for installing roof gutters and downpipes on your own.

Ensure That You Have The Correct Tools

Using the wrong tools can easily cause a number of roof-related injuries.  It is therefore necessary that you ensure that you have the correct tools before you commence the installation.  Here is a list of three essential tools you will need for the installation:

  • A ladder: The ladder you choose for the job should be long enough to allow you to comfortably reach all areas of the roof without having to over-reach.  Over-reaching is one of the most common causes of fall-related injuries and you should not risk it no matter the circumstance.
  • A rope and bucket: During the installation, you will need to carry a number of installation tools with you as you go up the ladder. The bucket and rope will come in handy as they allow you to pull up these tools once you're up the roof.
  • Safety harness: A safety harness would be most useful for homeowners whose roofs have a shallow pitch. It is often safer to install gutters and downpipes from the roof instead of the ladder. Attaching a safety harness on the roof will greatly reduce the chances of you falling off.

Know How To Avoid Risky Situations

Because you may not always be able to prevent accidents when working on the roof, you should know what to do in case of a problem.

If, for example, you happen to lose grip on a particular tool, you should never attempt to scramble in a bid to prevent it from falling as this will affect your stability while on the ladder or roof. Instead, let the tool fall to the ground

You can also avoid the possibility of falling off the roof or ladder by investing in the appropriate footwear. Soft-soled boots are the best type of footwear for gutter and downpipe installation.  The mentioned boots will give you great roof traction and increase your stability while on the roof.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always have a partner when installing roof gutters.  This is because he or she can easily offer an immediate solution in case of an emergency.

Safety should always be your number one priority when installing roof gutters and downpipes. If you aren't comfortable completing this project on your own, contact a company like Guttercraft Melbourne.