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Learn How To Make A Temporary Fence With Wooden Pallets

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If you plan to throw an outdoor festival and need to section off an area of property for parking, consider building a fence. Many people assume that building a fence will be a huge, stressful ordeal, but really it doesn't have to be. You can build a fence within a few hours without causing any major damage to the property. Use the following guide to learn how to build a temporary fence using wooden pallets.  

Supplies You'll Need

  • Post Hole Digger
  • Fence Posts
  • Wooden Pallets
  • A Tape Measure
  • Spray Paint

Determine Post Locations

The posts need to be placed into the ground at even intervals to ensure that the pallets can slide over them properly. Determine where you want the first post to be placed. Paint a mark with the spray paint on the ground. When the grass is mowed, the painted grass will be cut away so you will not be causing any permanent damage to the grass. Take the tape measure and measure a metre away from the first mark that you made. Use the spray paint to make another mark. Keep making a mark at every metre with the spray paint down the entire side of the lot you are trying to create. Repeat the process around two other sides of the lot to create a designated area.

Make Holes

The post hole digger will allow you to make a hole for each post easily. Hold the digger above a mark that you made and slam it into the ground with force. Pull the handles of the digger apart and the two shovels attached to the bottom of the digger will close. Lift the digger out of the ground and push the handles together to drop dirt next to the hole you created. Repeat the process in every mark you made with the spray paint.

Place the Posts

Hold a post vertically and drop it into the hole you created. Take the dirt that is piled next to the hole and pack it in place to keep the post from falling over. Go around the lot and place a post in each hole you created.

Place the Pallets

Lean a pallet against two of the posts so that it is standing up vertically. Pick up the pallet and carefully lace the two posts through the centre of the pallet so that it will stand vertically with the posts holding it in place. Place all of the pallets on the posts that you put into the ground.

When the festival is over, you can easily remove the pallets from the posts and then take the posts out of the yard. Pack the dirt into the holes to ensure that there are no holes left when you leave the area. This simple temporary fence is easy to create and costs significantly less than renting a portable fence.  

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