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The Benefits Of Using Timber Frames For New Home Construction

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If you are planning on building a new home, one of the most important things to consider is the type of material that will be used for the framing. One of the best materials to use is timber. There are many benefits to having homes built with timber frames. 


Timber is a renewable resource, and there is always going to be timber available for building projects. When timber is processed, less greenhouse gases are produced than with other types of construction materials. Many people worry about the health concerns involving electro-magnetic fields (EMF's). When timber is used, EMF's aren't amplified or transmitted. It takes less energy to make timber products than it does to make other items used for building. In addition to being environmentally friendly, timber frames are also energy efficient. They do not absorb heat, nor do they emit heat. So, by having a timber frame, you will be able to enjoy a cooler home in the summer and more warmth in the winter.

Fire Resistance

While you may think that timber frames are more susceptible to fire, they are actually more fire-resistant than building frames made with other types of materials. For one thing, timber is not going to melt or explode. It doesn't buckle from the heat, and if it does burn, it is a slow burn. When timber does burn, the outside turns to charcoal, which actually protects the rest of the wood from burning because the charcoal provides a layer of insulation. Also, the timber is treated with fire-resistant materials before it ever leaves the production area.


Timber frames are rugged and durable and can even be used to build homes in areas where there are high winds. Timber is naturally resistant to water, so it is ideal to use for new constructions that are near the shore. Buildings created using timber frames can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance. You also don't have to worry about termites because today's timber products are treated with chemicals that keep termites away.

Easy To Use

One of the easiest products to use for building a home frame is timber. It is strong and durable but easy to work with. It is soft enough to hammer nails into, and if you decide that you want to have larger frames, you can add onto it with new timber that you can get from your local lumber yard.

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