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Questions To Ask Before You Install a Glass Pool Fence

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After your in-ground pool has been installed, the next step after the water is filled and properly treated is to build a fence, as mandated by law. You can choose many different kinds of materials for your pool fencing, including fibreglass and wood, but you may be get the most benefits from a glass fence. So as you are shopping for a glass fence, here are the important questions to ask a contractor.

What's The Difference Between Frameless And Semi-Frameless Fences? -- This is a good question to ask because typically a glass pool fence only comes in these two configurations, and you need to know the difference in order to make the best choice for your situation. Frameless glass pool fences don't have any posts to support the fence. They are anchored by bolts or screws drilled into the bottom of the glass panels. They are nearly invisible and offer enhanced visual appeal. Semi-frameless pool fences are held in place by aluminium posts, so they don't quite have the same visual appeal as frameless fences, but they are typically more durable because of the posts. Cost-wise, frameless glass fences are more expensive than semi-frameless glass fences.

Can You Use Standard Glass Cleaner On The Fence? -- This is another important question that relates directly to the proper maintenance of your fence. You want to avoid using glass cleaner, which contains ammonia and can scratch the glass or leave the glass streaked. Glass pool fences are constructed from tempered glass that has been cured in heat and is double-paned for additional strength. This type of glass is best cleaned with ordinary soap, water and a sponge. Afterwards, you should allow the water to dry naturally. You can clean the posts in the same manner, avoiding harsh oils or cleansers that can damage the aluminium.

What's The Advantage Of The Tempered Glass Used In These Fences? -- As safety, security and durability are your key concerns, this question will alleviate many of your concerns when it comes to a glass fence. The standard widths of the glass used for pool fences is 8 millimetres, 10 millimetres or 12 millimetres. The tempered glass is graded at the same level as the glass used in storefronts. In addition, tempered glass is designed so that in the event of a breakage, it cracks in pieces that stay in the frame, rather than jagged shards that can cause injury.

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