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3 Advantages of a Slate Roof

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A new roof can increase the value of your home, provide additional protection and even save you money if you install the right kind of material. Though you may be tempted to go with the popular choice of asphalt shingle or wood shingle, another option is to opt for a slate roof. If you haven't consider slate, or don't know much about its qualities, here's a quick rundown.

1. Longer Lifespan—When you think of slate, you think of a tough, durable material that has a great impact resistance. Slate is a natural rock, so it it formed from a harsh process that occurs deep in the earth. Slate is quarried in large slabs, and then broken up into the shingles required for roofing purposes. The standard slate roof will last a century and a half, which means that with proper maintenance, your roof will easily outlast your own lifespan.

Also, if you need to make repairs on a slate roof, you don't have to strip the entire roof to do so. Slate roofing is laid down in such a way that you can remove broken or damaged slates, and install new slates. Slate roofing is installed either with nails that are driven between the overlapping slate, or with a copper or steel hook that that fits into a loop and anchors the slate down.

2. Resists Fire and the Elements—Wood shingles are prone to warp and crack due to the elements, and they're not fire resistant. Slate roofing has outstanding water resistance, and because of the process from which it was made, it is highly fire resistant. Slate can conduct heat at a very high temperature without melting, so it's able to maintain structural integrity during a fire.

3. Aesthetic Appeal—Because slate is a natural stone, it has many variations that you can't find in other roofing material such as wood or vinyl. Slate is visually appealing and has a shiny finish. There are a number of colour options with slate, but each individual slab of slate has its own distinct pattern and texture.

You'll also find that there are more bold and original colours for slate if you are more adventurous. For example, many post-modern houses that feature colourful painting choices go well with slate roofs that have colour choices such as variegate purple—a mix of purple, pink and clay hues. However, you can also stick to traditional colours if you're so inclined.

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