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Choosing A Colour For Your Glass Splashbacks

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Glass splashbacks are very on trend, and they are a great way to modernise your kitchen. The glass surface is easy to clean, yet hard to scratch, and the reflective nature of the glass helps make smaller kitchens seem larger. Not to mention they double as a whiteboard to write shopping lists or other notes.  Glass splashbacks are available in a range of colours and do not lose their colour over time unlike wall papers and vinyl finishes.

So the big question is – what colour splashbacks will be best for your kitchen?


Metallic accents like silver and gold look great in kitchens that have in primarily neutral shades like white and beige for their walls, benchtops and cupboards. The non scratch nature of glass splashback make them a great way to incorporate metallics into a kitchen, compared to benchtops or cupboard doors which (relatively) get more wear and tear.


Black glass splashbacks have a very fresh and modern finish and suits a modern styled kitchen. Black and other dark shades can create an optical illusion of smaller space so aren't as great in small kitchens, but the reflective nature of the splashback is less visually reducing than matte finishes like wall paints.

Dark glass splashbacks aren't as effective for keeping notes as markers don't show up on the dark colour. 


White is a classic choice and keeps the kitchen looking neutral, so it is often popular in properties being prepared for sale. Be sure to choose a low iron glass to minimise green tints.

White splashbacks are effective for note keeping and easy to wipe down.

Mirrored finishes

Mirror surfaces are useful to visually extend the area but can be disconcerting for some kitchen users. They are also more vulnerable to scratching than traditional glass splashbacks.

Printed and patterned finishes

Glass can be printed with any image as a background. The only limitation of these is your imagination as they can be made to any specifications, using any digital images. These don't tend to be as effective for keeping notes but are a great way to incorporate a vivid print into your kitchen.

Still can't decide? What about a neutral clear glass splashback with a paper backing that you can change out with your moods. A clear splashback cover can be a great option for regularly shaped splashbacks where wallpapers can be easily shaped to fit the splashback.

For more information, see http://www.jimsglass.com.au.