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3 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom's Paint Job

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When it comes to painting your home, undoubtedly no room will be left untouched. However, as much as people take pride in the paint job done in the living room and bedroom, rarely is such glorification given to the bathroom. This should not be the case though.

If anything, your bathroom's paint job needs additional care considering it is always coming into contact with wetness and humidity. Here are some tips from a commercial painter on how to make wise decisions for your bathroom's paint job as well as making the most of it once completed.

Select an appropriate paint gloss

When choosing a paint for your bathroom, it is always best to choose one that comes with high gloss. This type of paint has high endurance when it comes to scrubbing and dries faster than other types of paints. This makes it suitable for the bathroom considering the walls may need to be wiped down on a regular basis due to the moist environment.

However, if your walls are not evenly smooth, then you could consider a more forgiving semi-gloss paint. Although high gloss paint gives your bathroom a remarkable finish, it also tends to make any discrepancies in the smoothness of your walls stand out. If the imperfections were something you would like to hide, the latter would be a better option.

Get specialised paint

If you have one bathroom in your home, you would be best advised by a commercial painter to invest in specialised paint. This is because the more the bathroom is in use, the more moisture it is exposed to. Regular paint will start peeling and cracking in no time.

In addition, regular paint will also be prone to the growth of mould and mildew as it is not fortified against this fungi. Specialised paint on the other hand will resist the growth of fungi and can bear the brunt of constant exposure to water.

Upgrade your lighting

A commercial painter will tell you there is no point in investing a good high quality paint job for your bathroom,and then have it hidden by shadows and dark spaces. Great bathroom lighting lifts the entire aura of the room. Not only will your freshly painted walls glisten, but it also gives you better exposure when going about your bathroom tasks such as shaving and the like. A few sconces on the walls could make all the difference in illuminating your paint job.

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