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Ladder & Height Safety Tips for DIY Work at Home

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Many tasks around a property involve using a ladder so that you can access elevated parts in order to repair or maintain them. For example, if you are cleaning out the gutters or if you are repairing a broken roof tile.

While you work, it is critical that you provide yourself with a solid and secure base to work from. This can sometimes mean making small modifications to the ladder or the environment, and the end result is a secure and safer ladder to work from. Take a look at how this can be done.

Add Straps

It is possible to add straps to the top sides of your ladder. You can drill a small hole into the side of the ladder, and attach a carabiner, which is a type of hook. You can then attach a length of nylon, or some other material, so that they stay connected to the ladder. When you are at the top of the ladder, tie these straps to the property to secure the ladder in place. These straps make a good difference and are easy to attach.

Add a Stabiliser

One of the best ways to stay safe as you work on a ladder is to add a ladder stabiliser. This is a device that sits at the hop of the ladder and is shaped like an elongated U. The feet of the U sit against the property, and the long section is where the ladder rests. The feet are usually made of rubber to prevent sliding and improve grip.

Extra covers for the feet can be bought when working on different material, such as vinyl or metal. The stabiliser really helps to make the ladder feel secure while you are working on it.

Secure the Base

As well as stabilising the top of the ladder, it is a good idea to give some attention to the base of the ladder. If you imagine a ladder sliding away from the wall, coming outwards, while the top half of the ladder is still against the wall, you could easily envisage how useful a secured base for the ladder would be.

Secured bases are easy to make, and well worth the time spend making them. If you are working on decking, simply drill a spare piece of wood next to the outside legs of the ladder. If you are on concrete, consider positioning a concrete block at the bottom of the ladder. The idea is to stop the ladder as soon as it starts sliding outwards.

Learn more about how you can safely work on a ladder by consulting height safety experts like Australian Height Safety Services.