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Types of Earth Moving Equipment You Can Rent

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If you're just beginning to think about opening your own construction business, you will likely need to rent heavy equipment for your projects. To do so, you will need to contract with an earth moving equipment company that specialises in renting the type of machinery required for lifting, moving and transporting. To help you gain more knowledge about these companies, here's a list of the kinds of equipment you can rent.

Bulldozer—Obviously you're familiar with a bulldozer, but you may know not some of the different types of bulldozers you can rent. Two of the most common are the crawler bulldozer and the wheeled bulldozer.

The crawler bulldozer runs on tracks and is ideal for moving sand, rocks and other debris. Crawler bulldozers typically feature a cutter at the tail end of the machine that can rip and cut stone, brick, concrete and asphalt. A massive plate at the front of the crawler bulldozer can lift heavy items for disposal or transport from one place to another.

Wheeled bulldozers run on wheels instead of tracks, and it are bigger and sturdier than crawled bulldozers, which means they can handle much heavier payloads. They are used in multiple construction projects, including bridge building and high-rise construction.

Excavators—Excavators are heavy pieces of equipment that run on tracks, and feature a long boom, a winch and a bucket that can dig and move mud, dirt and rocks. Excavators are also beneficial for digging trenches, digging under water and tearing up old roadways.

Similar to bulldozers, excavators have two main types: crawlers and wheeled. Crawler excavators run on dual tracks on a chain wheel system, and are ideal for project sites that are steep or elevated. Wheeled excavators are more suitable on flat land, because wheels don't operate with as much traction on land that is elevated.

Road Graders—Graders are heavy machines used to level off ground that is uneven. Although a bulldozer can achieve some degree of levelling, a grader is necessary to level the surface to make it completely flat.

Graders feature a steel blade that is calibrated to the exact grading required for a roadway.In construction, graders are used to prepare a foundation for building, to repave a roadway, and to level soil beds in preparation for site development. For rental purposes, blade size is the key as the larger the blade, the more efficient the grading.

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