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Why You Should Use Tilt Up Panels to Build Your Commercial Building

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Tilt up construction refers to a building technique in which concrete panels are poured on a jobsite and then lifted into position to form the walls and other structures of a building. The method is ideal for large buildings like factories since that is when the style's economies of scale come into full force.

This article discusses why you should opt for this method when you are constructing your commercial building:

Expedited Completion

Buildings constructed using tilt up panels take a much shorter time to complete when compared to buildings that are constructed using traditional methods like bricklaying. Tilt up construction is very quick because entire wall slabs are completed without waiting for sections to cure before other sections can be added as is the case with traditional construction methods. The speedy completion means you can start using the building much sooner than would have been possible if another method had been used.

Lower Construction Budget

Using tilt up panels to build a commercial building can result in significant cost savings. For instance, you will not incur the cost of transporting those bulky items (prefabricated panels) to the worksite. You are also likely to use local labor during the construction process and that may translate to lower labor costs since the worker will not have to make long commutes to the site. You will also use local raw materials, further cutting down related costs like shipping costs.

Greater Safety

Tilt up construction removes any safety fears you may have. This is because the vast majority of the work is carried out on the ground where workers face no risk of falling from scaffolds. The process also requires fewer workers than other methods so that cuts down the chance that someone will get hurt since it is easy to monitor the safety of a few people instead of having to watch over hundreds of workers.

Design Variety

Pouring concrete members on the jobsite provides several opportunities to customize the building to your exact requirements. You are not forced to choose from what someone has prefabricated and this is a big advantage to create a unique structure.

As you can see, the use of tilt up panels is a method of construction that offers you (the project owner) major advantages. As you plan to construct your commercial building, give this method some serious consideration so that you can benefit from its unique advantages.

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