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Advice on how to decrease the energy costs from your air conditioning unit

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Air conditioners are vital for households that are located in warm climates. They provide much needed relief from the heat and humidity that is found outside of the house. This pleasure comes at a cost, however, which can quickly add up if the correct steps are not taken. While you could simply turn off the air conditioner to save costs, this would defeat the purpose of having the machine in the first place.

There are others ways to save money on your energy bill without sacrificing your comfort. There is no point suffering for the sake of it. You may also need cool air to help elderly relatives and young children who are not as well equipped to withstand the heat. Here is some advice on how to keep your air conditioning bill low.

Turn it down at night

When you are sleeping at night, you don't need to be as cool. Therefore, experiment with turning the air conditioning down to different levels to see what can be tolerated without becoming uncomfortable. You may even discover that you can turn the entire system off while you are asleep. An hour or two before bed, you should turn it down in order to get used to it before going to bed.

Have the unit serviced

Many people forget to get their air conditioner unit serviced regularly, leading to potential inefficiencies that will result in higher energy costs as well as decreased performance of the unit. Even if you don't want to pay a serviceman to come and clean it for you, you can still clean it yourself. Units that are near trees and bushes will collect a lot of plant debris that may be clogging up the system.

Check your ducts

Make sure that the ducts running throughout your house that supply the cool air have no spots where they are unnecessarily leaking cool air. By having effective insulation in areas such as the attic, you will not be paying for cool air that will never have the chance to reach you.

Use windows or portable units

If you normally don't need air conditioning in all of the rooms in your house, you should try to get cool by opening windows or investing in a portable air conditioning unit or fan that can keep you cool while saving costs on cooling the entire property.

Turn it off when leaving the house

There is no need for your house to be constantly cool when there is nobody in it. Before you leave the house, turn off the unit and pull down the blind in order to keep the sun out. It won't take very long to cool the house when you return.

These tips can help you save on air conditioning costs while still staying comfortable. For more information, contact a local HVAC company.