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Questions You Need to Ask Before You Decide to Hire a Skip Bin

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It's somewhat standard to get a skip bin when you're ready to tackle any major home renovation project or remodeling job or for a good general cleanup about the house and yard. A skip bin can keep trash and debris out of your yard and ensure it gets tossed properly, as chances are your local trash pickup service will not take away roofing materials, bricks, sod, and other such items you may need to toss out. Before you decide to hire a skip bin, note a few questions you need to ask the rental agency.

1. Can all trash be mixed in together?

Many skip bin hire companies will not allow you to mix all trash and debris together. They may require you to have a different bin for general rubbish, one for soil, sod, and other such yard waste, and then another one for heavier items like brick, concrete sections, and so on.

Not all skip bin companies will separate your rubbish to pull out recyclable material, so you may need a completely separate bin for recycling. Whatever your plans for the skip bin, be sure you ask if trash can be mixed together before you assume one bin can hold everything.

2. Ask if you need to be home during delivery

Even if you don't need to have someone home during delivery of your bin, you may want to have someone there anyway; this will ensure the delivery company puts the bin where you want it. Bins can be more cumbersome and heavier than you think, even when empty, so you may not be able to easily move it from one part of your yard to another.

You also need to discuss this with the rental agency because, in some cases, you won't even be allowed to move the bin once it's delivered. This is because the agency needs to have full access to the bin when it's ready to be picked up. You might assume you can put the bin in your backyard or behind your garage after delivery, but the agency needs to ensure they can get it with their truck at the end of your rental. This, too, is why you need to know if someone should be home or consider having someone present anyway, as you may need to discuss your options with the delivery driver when he or she arrives to drop off the bin.

For more information, contact a local skip bin hire company.