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Fencing Supplies & You: 3 Ways to Decorate Your Timber Fence

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There's more to a fence than timber, and if you want a really unique look, you'll need to count more than wood and nails among your fencing supplies. Here are a few Martha Stewart worthy ideas to make your timber fence really your own.

1. Hanging plants

If you want a cozy and rustic look, you can always set up some plants for growth on the length of your fence.

  • Flowering vines -  If you want year-round flowers, you will want an annual flowering vine such as morning glory, passion flower, hyacinth bean or Susan vines. If you want your fence to reflect the seasons, you want perennials such as honeysuckle, wisteria, hydrangea, trumpet vine or clematis.
  • Foliage vines – Evergreens will last year round and add visual interest to an empty winter garden. Some options are Persian ivy, English ivy, Boston ivy, creeping fig, and Carolina Jessamine. Seasonals have varied looks year round so you'll never get bored if you choose vines such as hardy kiwi, variegated porcelain vines, Virginia creepers, silver fleece vines, or purple leaved grape vines.
  • Hanging pots are inexpensive and can be changed easily at will, and you can put any type of plant you want in them.

2. Fence "murals"

If you want something low-key, you can always paint your fence in different colored stripes. A subtle alternation of two similar shades is subtle, yet stands out, while something more elaborate such as different colors altogether, horizontal or vertical rainbow stripes, or even a fade-out from one color to another will look incredibly unique and striking.

However, if you want to go all out, you can try fence "murals" and use the timber as an extremely long canvas. Even if you're not artistically inclined, this could be a very fun activity for the whole family. And the best part? You can paint right over it any time you want. You could try individual pictures, one big painting, or maybe even tapestry-like sequential art with multiple scenes. For an urban look, you can cover your wall in graffiti and tags.

3. Shelving

Why should only your walls use shelving? You can build in some wood shelves right onto your fence, where you can put flower pots, gardening supplies, lights, or even a disguised walkway for your feline friends. You can use these to decorate your fence by season, with flowers in the summer, pumpkins for Halloween, little Santa statues for Christmas…the possibilities are endless.

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