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3 Problems Associated With Your Bamboo Flooring and How to Deal With Them

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Bamboo flooring is an excellent flooring option that will work well in your house. The strength, durability, and great aesthetic value of bamboo flooring will help you increase the functionality and elegance of the flooring in your home. After installation, maintenance is key to ensure that you get the full advantage of this flooring. Aside from the flooring, it is important to understand some of the problems related to bamboo flooring so that you manage or prevent them. For this reason, find out how you can prevent some of these problems.

Denting and Cracking

Bamboo floors will come in different densities and quality. Soft bamboo floors will be more susceptible to scratches and dents than their hardwearing counterparts. Whereas hardwearing bamboo floors may not leave significant dents in the boards or panels, they may still be prone to surface polish scratches. Build-up of dirt and pressure from sharp footwear and heavy furniture are some of the major causes of such scratches.

To deal with this problem, avoid walking with sharp pointed heels or boots on your bamboo flooring. Moreover, cover the base of regularly moved furniture with pads to ensure that they will not leave marks when leaving them. When moving the furniture, avoid dragging them around. Instead, carry them or place them on thick rugs to move them.


The colour of bamboo flooring can fade with time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. To avoid uneven fading, you need to ensure that your furniture is moved periodically. In addition, remember to prevent harsh exposure of your bamboo flooring through measures such as installing interior plantation window shutters.

The loss of colour can also be caused by use of chemical cleaners on your flooring. For this reason, only use recommended cleaners for your floor. In addition, avoid applying cleaning materials directly on your bamboo floor as this may lead to loss of your bamboo floor's natural stain and colour. Instead, dilute your cleaners with some water and gently mop your floor.

Warping and Swelling

When you expose your bamboo flooring to moisture over a long time, it can absorb it. This absorption will result in cupping, swelling, and warping, which in turn leads to weakening of the material. This can be avoided by preventing the accumulation of moisture on your bamboo flooring. To do this, ensure you wipe up any spills on your bamboo flooring as soon as possible.