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The Most Important Maintenance Repairs For Your Commercial Concrete Roof

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Like with any other part of your property, the roof, too, needs maintenance servicing every other year. In fact, the roof is a critical part when it comes to maintenance because it offers your property protection from the different elements such as rain, heat, and cold. Concrete roofs are very common in commercial properties, and if your property has one, this article will help you understand the most important maintenance repairs to seek for it.

Roof waterproofing

Concrete is permeable when it comes to moisture. This means that water can travel through concrete and into the walls or the spaces inside the property. Such moisture penetration can make the property colder, can cause mould, algae growth or even the dreaded concrete cancer. To keep this from happening, it is very important that your concrete roof stays waterproofed 24/7. The best way to see this through is to seek a roof waterproofing service every few years or whenever moisture penetration is detected. Roof waterproofing can be done by applying liquid membranes or coatings made of plastic, rubber or bitumen.

Structural concrete repairs

Concrete roofs are also likely to face wear due to structural damage either caused by poor construction or rough use. For example, the roof may chip or crack in certain areas. Small pits or holes can develop into bigger ones if not repaired quickly. They can also allow water to seep through, same as with cracks. Structural damage can easily be corrected by rendering the affected parts. Cracks need a more specialised approach where concrete sealers, usually liquid emulsions, are applied and allowed to fill the spaces.

Resurfacing repairs

The other type of maintenance repair that you should observe on your commercial concrete property is resurfacing. Over time, the roof surface will wear either due to exposure to the weather elements or physical use. Factors such as UV rays, salty air, human traffic, and vehicle traffic can wear away the concrete roof surface, especially if the area is open to the public. If not maintained well, the wear can deteriorate the appearance of the roof and chase away tenants or customers. As such, seek to have the area resurfaced occasionally. This can be done by rendering the roof afresh, painting, installing decorative concrete or installing other flooring finishes such as tiles, stone or slate.

By observing these three maintenance repairs, your concrete roof will last for as long as the building stands, giving you great value for your investment. A commercial roof builder or concrete contractor can give you specialised advice based on the condition of your roof.