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3 Top Benefits of Using a Bobcat for Residential Landscaping

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After buying your home, you should congratulate yourself on such a huge investment, but at the back of your mind, you know that there is some work to be done. Your outdoor environment will need more than sprucing up before you move in officially. The yards and pavements will need some professional landscaping and renovation respectively. If DIY work is too much for you, then you can hire a bobcat grader to grade and level your yards in readiness for some landscaping work. Here are some benefits of hiring a bobcat grader for a home improvement project.


The advantage of using a bobcat for landscaping your home is that you can attach different attachments to suit your kind of work. For example, when you need to move mulch or gravel in your compound, you will need a smooth scoop. As for demolishing structures to create more space for your yard, a tooth scoop is ideal for this job. In addition, you may need a fork attached to the bobcat for some heavy lifting. All these attachments make a bobcat versatile equipment for your everyday landscaping needs.

Different Sizes

Some bobcats are compact in size to suit homeowners with small yards. As such, the equipment can move through tight spots that large machinery cannot. For those with large residential lots, you can hire a big bobcat that can perform this heavy-duty work without any difficulties in maneuvering around corners. Depending on your needs and budget, you will have a range of options to choose .

Incredible Speed

Landscaping can be very tedious if you plan to use hand tools. Instead of taking a week on a single landscaping project, you can use a bobcat than can perform similar work in a just a day. Another benefit of this equipment is that you only need one person to operate the machinery, unlike manual grading and leveling that will call for you to hire more people. You, therefore, save on the cost of landscaping, which can be used to buy flowers and grass for the yard. With the benefit of speed comes the risk of damaging underground utility lines such as sewer lines, gas pipes, and water pipes. It is vital that you know the layout of your property and the location of these utility lines to avoid extra work that may cost you dearly. Damaging, the gas lines can also be risky because it may cause a fire hazard. 

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