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Has Your Concrete Been Sealed?

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Have you been convinced of the benefits of a concrete floor? Maybe you are responsible for a large concrete structure, such as a car park or patio area. Concrete is widely used in construction for a wide range of projects and is strong and resilient enough for most purposes. While there are many ways that you can use concrete, there are still some things that you must understand if you are to use concrete properly. One important consideration is that concrete isn't a solid material. When you look at a concrete bridge or road, it's easy to think of concrete as entirely solid, but it isn't. If you look carefully at any concrete surface, you will see that the material is porous, and that can present problems if you don't arrange for concrete sealing.

Does being porous matter?

Being porous doesn't automatically affect the strength of the concrete, but it can cause the concrete to deteriorate if water or other liquids are allowed to enter the concrete. Rainwater can penetrate deeply into the concrete once it enters the pores. Other spills can detract from the appearance of the concrete by staining it with a colour that cannot be removed. The best way to protect the integrity of the concrete is to call a concrete sealing company.

How does concrete sealing work?

The concrete sealing company will provide a protective seal that blocks the pores and stops any liquid from penetrating below the surface of the concrete. The seal could be sprayed onto the concrete or applied in another way. The most important consideration is that the seal covers all of the pores in the concrete. With an effective seal, any spillage or rainwater will never get below the surface of the concrete. If a spillage does occur, it can be quickly cleaned away without damaging the concrete. The liquid will be contained on the sealed surface rather than making contact with the concrete.

What else does concrete sealing do?

Concrete sealing prevents water damage, but it does far more than that. Properly sealing the concrete will help to prolong the life of the concrete by protecting it from the elements. Concrete sealing will also improve the appearance of the concrete in the longer term. Concrete that is exposed to dirt and pollution can soon start to look grubby. By sealing the concrete, you make it low maintenance. Sealed concrete can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, rather than with the intensive scrubbing that must be used to remove dirt from some other materials.