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What Are the Different Ways That Frameless Glass is Used?

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Frameless glass is made from glass and is designed to be installed without thick, bulky frames that can impact their aesthetic. Because there aren't frames to worry about, frameless glass is very easy to clean. Many people like the sleek and modern look that frameless glass gives off as well. Frameless glass is used for many purposes in residential and commercial buildings. These are just some examples of the different ways that you can use frameless glass. If you contact someone who installs frameless glass, however, you might find that they have even more excellent ideas for using frameless glass on your property.

Installing Shower Doors

One of the most common uses of frameless glass is for creating shower doors. Many people have transitioned away from using shower curtains in the bathroom and instead prefer to use glass to create attractive, modern-looking showers that are very easy to clean. Even framed shower enclosures and shower doors are becoming obsolete. Instead, many people like the look of frameless shower doors, and frameless glass showers can be created in any size that you might need, based on the size of your bathroom and your own preferences.

Installing Walls and Partitions

Frameless glass is commonly used to create walls and partitions. You might sometimes see this in use in homes that have a modern style; for example, the glass might be installed to create a division between the living room and kitchen, while still giving off a nice, open air that looks quite modern.

However, more frequently, you will see frameless glass being used to create walls and partitions in office buildings and other commercial properties. Frameless glass is sometimes used to create entrances to different stores in shopping malls, for example. In an office building, frameless glass partitions might create separate work cubicles for employees; it's great for this purpose because it makes it possible to create separate work spaces while still giving off an open look, and it allows light to travel into different cubicles and for supervisors to supervise their employees.

Creating Doors

As you read above, frameless glass is commonly used for creating shower doors. However, it's commonly used for creating other types of doors, too. When entering your local mall or a nice office building, for example, you might notice that the front door is made from frameless glass. This is a nice way to create entryways for commercial buildings of all different types.

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