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Professional Tiling Tips And Tricks

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Tiles are a great flooring material. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. If you are planning a tiling job, there are various tips and tricks you can use for a more professional finish. They include the following:

Choosing the tiles

There are so many different types of tiles available in the market, each with its own unique quality. Therefore, you have to choose the right tile for the home depending on factors such as traffic, exposure to water and appearance among other factors. Generally, porcelain is ideal for high traffic areas as it is chip and stain resistant while natural stone materials are more delicate. When it comes to size, large tiles make your kitchen look bigger but small tiles allow you to create pattern designs.


You need to be very thorough with your measurements. This is because tiling can add up to an 2.5 cm in floor space. Therefore, you should measure the clearance space above appliances, especially if you have cabinets above the refrigerator. You may need to cut tiles for indented parts of the floor and around plumbing fixtures. Keep all this in mind while measuring the area.

Laying tiles

Work on a completely dry surface; if you are replacing old tiles, you can sand blast the surface just to get rid of any old mortar and adhesive still on the surface. You will have to make some tile cuts at some point during installation. In order to have even cuts on both sides of the floor, it is advisable to start tiling from the center. Working from the center also enables you to create better pattern arrangements. You should use spacers to create a more even appearance when layering the times. Take your time and work at a comfortable pace. You can even apply the mortar only on the area where you are ready to put the tile since the mortar dries very fast.


Grouting is one of the most difficult aspects of the tiling job. If you do not install the grout properly, even cleaning it will be a problem in future. Stain resistant grout is the best option for kitchens or bathrooms. The grout color also matters. You can either choose a color that matches with the tiles or a bold color that stands out and clearly defines the borders between the tiles.  A bold grout color is quite different from the color of the tiles. It is great to use when creating patterns or designing the tiled surface to pop out and attract attention.

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