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Common Problems of Metal Roofs

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Each roofing system is prone to a unique set of problems. You need to be aware of those problems so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether you should select that particular roofing system or not. This article discusses some common problems that metal roofs (steel, copper and aluminium, for example) are prone to.

Failed Fasteners

The fasteners of metal roofs face a variety of forces, such as the force of the wind, that makes them vibrate. They also face the problem of metal fatigue (due to the aging process). Such forces gradually reduce the effectiveness of the fasteners and they will begin to loosen over time. When that happens, the wind may easily lift the panels held by the failed or loose fasteners. This can expose the underlying layers of the roof and your home may begin leaking.

Failed Seams

Depending on the design of your roof, the seams may be raised or flush with the surface of the roof. Raised seams are seams made by turning up the edges of roof panels that are close together. Those edges are then linked to one another to form a pattern. Flush seams are seams made when roof panel edges overlap to form a continuous layer. Roof seams can separate due to a variety of factors. For instance, the adhesive holding them together may deteriorate over time and the seams may separate. The roof panels will become susceptible to wind forces and water penetration.


Metal roofs face the risk of corrosion. Manufacturers use a variety of methods to combat this problem (such as powder coating the roof with a corrosion resistant paint). With time, this corrosion protection can deteriorate. This is especially so if the roof is not maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions. Any damage to the protective coating will expose the underlying metal to water and other pollutants that can accelerate the corrosion process. The more the metal is exposed to the elements the faster it will corrode.

No roofing system is perfect and metal roofs are no different. You should be aware of their challenges so that you plan how to limit the effect of those challenges. For instance, selecting a good roofing specialist to install the roof will help you to avoid the defects of poor installation. You should also have the roof inspected regularly as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. This will help you to take prompt action in case any of the problems above is detected during the inspection. 

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