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Things You Can Get When You Hire a Land Surveyor

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If you're a commercial developer, the owner of a construction company or a person in charge of development for a city, you will need the services of a land surveyor to achieve success. And if you are dealing with these professionals for the first time in your work, here are some of the services they provide.

CAD/3D Mockups -- Land surveyors are trained to create computer-aided design (CAD) blueprints of land, structures and subdivisions. With the help of computers, they can duplicate every single detail of a piece of property and create a 3D mockup or model that can help you to see the challenges and obstacles of your new development. 3D models are not only accurate but they are also easily changed, which means that you can add new details to each phase of your project. 3D modelling is an efficient and cost-effective means by which you can envision your development in a myriad of ways to determine how you want to proceed.

Physical Surveys -- Land surveyors specialise in taking topographical surveys of the property you want to build on as well as all the existing structures and developments that are adjacent to or near your construction site. These surveys are also rendered in 3D and are often paired with the 3D models of just your existing property to give you an isolated view of your project and a comprehensive view of your project as it relates to everything within the same geographical area. Physical surveys are one of the first steps in gaining construction approval from local councils, and one of the main issues developers must overcome is how their project will impact existing developments in the area.

Title Surveys -- Title surveys, also known as boundary surveys, are a service in which land surveyors will map out the exact dimensions of the land you are building on to ensure that it matches what is written on the title registration. Title surveys are required by law and must match what is indicated on the title registration that is held by the Land Title Office. If there are discrepancies in the measurements of your land, surveyors can reconcile those discrepancies by conducting a redefinition survey that accurately details the exact measurements of your undeveloped property. Title surveys are also important if an adjacent property holder is disputing the boundaries of your property and the land division and is making a claim of ownership on property you thought was yours.