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Simple Maintenance Tips for Portable Toilets

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The portable toilet is a valuable feature for outdoor usage. These structures can be set up for short-term usage during events such as weddings, parties and corporate gatherings. They can also be hired for long-term projects, particularly for construction, renovation and even agricultural projects. The portable toilets can be obtained as single units or you can hire trailers for a more upscale look with accessories such as mirrors and washbasins. There are also specialty choices such as child care and portable urinals to accommodate distinctive needs. If you want to hire portable loos, choose a company with quality features and which can meet your capacity requirements. In addition, consider using these tips after obtaining the portable toilets for optimal performance.

Place Strategically

The portable toilets should be placed strategically around the event venue or worksite. This will ensure accessibility and limit the risk of unfortunate accidents that can damage the features or the environment. The rental company will offer suggestions for the placement, but you can offer your input. Ideally, the toilets should be close enough to the centre of activities, without drawing too much attention. The portaloo hire should be placed on flat grass, sand or even gravel area so that the surfaces will absorb any spills. Concrete and asphalt will make the spill evident, and the smell will not be absorbed. You should also ensure that the toilets are not in the way of human, vehicle or equipment traffic. Portable units are light, so they can be easily damaged or upset.

Clean Thoroughly

You should promote cleanliness in your hired portable toilets, especially during long-term projects. Poor hygiene will encourage microbial activities in the units, and this can lead to diseases among your users. Moreover, this contributes to offensive odours that can make the site uncomfortable. You should discuss the possibility of engaging a maintenance service person directly through the company. Alternatively, engage your own professional cleaner for good results. The cleaning method will depend on the type of toilet drainage since most cannot handle excess water. Still, all surfaces including the bowl, inner walls and lids should be disinfected.

Pump the Tank

The portable toilets are deigned to direct the waste into a holding tank. This receptacle should be pumped out and cleaned regularly to prevent an overflow. The containment has a maximum capacity, which will indicate the ideal time for this maintenance activity. The frequency will depend on the number of users and the duration of the event or work day. Additionally, you should inspect the receptacle regularly to avoid unexpected leaks.