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How To Cut And Hang Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds are a versatile and stylish window dressing option.  With a few basic DIY skills, you can cut and hang your roller blinds yourself.  Here's how.

What you'll need

Your roller blind kit will contain all the fittings and fixings that you require.  You'll also need a tape measure, a drill, a craft knife and a junior hacksaw.


The first thing to do is to accurately measure the window opening where the blinds are to be fitted. 

If you are intending to hang the blind outside the window opening so that it covers the whole area, you must allow for a small overhang either side of the window.  Make sure that the allowance is exactly the same on each side of the window. 

For blinds to be fitted inside of the window opening, you'll need to allow a little distance from the edge of the blind to the window reveal in order for the blind to operate smoothly.

Cutting to size

Most roller blinds are made so that you can cut them to size.  Open the blind out completely, mark the size you want with a pencil, and then use a craft knife to cut the fabric from the bottom to the top.  Now, use a junior hacksaw to cut through the roller.  Don't be tempted to try to cut right through the whole thing with the blind still rolled up, as you'll finish up with a rough edge.


Your roller blind will come with two different end sections.  One end has a fitting for the pull cord or chain, and the other is a fixed bracket.  Before you put the blind up, fix the brackets to each end.  This allows you to see how the blind works and where each fitting sits before you begin drilling any holes. 

Push the fittings into the appropriate end of the blind.  Mark the position of the chain end fixing bracket on the wall with a pencil.

Putting up the blind

Fix the first bracket to the wall as per your pencil markings, using the screws provided with the blind kit.  Insert the blind into the fixed bracket, and then mark the position of the other bracket with a pencil.  Remove the blind from the first bracket while you fix the second.  Now you can slot the blind into the brackets.

Unfurl the blind to make sure that it's working smoothly, and, if necessary, adjust the chain/pull cord as per the instructions on the blind kit.

In conclusion

Fitting a roller blind is a simple job that you can carry out yourself using a few basic DIY skills.  However, if your windows are awkward to access, or are an unusual shape, it's recommended that you contact a professional contractor like Tip Top Blinds for advice and assistance.