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Does Your Basement Need Waterproofing?

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Do you use your basement for storage? Maybe, you don't venture into the basement often. However, there is probably lots of material stored there that you want to keep safe and undamaged, maybe books or sentimental items from when your children were young that you don't have room to display but you don't want to throw away either. While any items stored in your basement are unlikely to be stolen or accidentally thrown away, they may face other challenges. One of the most common problems found in basements is dampness. Not many basements will collect puddles of water on the floor, but that doesn't mean that they aren't damp. Perhaps, you can find droplets of water gathering and starting to run down the walls of the basement? Maybe, the walls are damp to the touch. These might seem like minor issues, but they must be dealt with, as dampness in the basement can cause problems elsewhere in the building. It is best to find a company providing basement waterproofing solutions and letting them resolve the issue.

When dampness spreads

While a little water in the basement might seem insignificant, it won't be too long before the dampness in the basement starts to spread through the whole property. Once dampness and mould start to gain a foothold in any building the consequences for both human health and the structure of the property can be serious. The best solution is to allow a waterproofing company to deal with the problem at the source.

Dealing with dampness

Several basement waterproofing solutions can be tried. Ultimately, the waterproofing company must adopt whichever method they think is the best fit for your property. Identifying the source of the dampness is a good start. It could be that the moisture is coming from the surrounding ground, but it's also possible that there could be a leak somewhere that must be fixed. Once any problems have been resolved, the waterproofing company will examine basement waterproofing solutions for your property. They will work out where water could be entering the space and fit a waterproof membrane that traps all water on the outside of the room. To learn more about possible basement waterproofing solutions for your property, call your local waterproofing company today. After inspecting your property, they will explain what needs to be done and how you can keep your home dry and safe for your possessions and your family.